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STMicroelectronics can provide semiconductor products for supply and control of every LED type, from single Super High Brightness LEDs in a spotlight to many thousands of HB LEDs in large arrays, from either AC-Mains or Batteries. ST's extensive lighting portfolio includes Power Factor Controller ICs, Power Discretes, Micro Controllers, and monolithic DC LED drivers.

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Some example application notes are included below.

Single-chip High-brightness LED drivers solution to LED control

The new LED driver (power logic) family from STMicroelectronics fully integrates all functions required to drive high-brightness LEDs. These devices allow constant-current control in a single-chip solution. The external parts are reduced to only one resistor which sets the preferred maximum current for all outputs.

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VIPower: Offline constant current LED driver using VIPer12/22A

Using integrated offline switching regulators like the VIPer12A and VIPer22A in a constant current configuration, a low cost, high efficient LED driver for multiple LEDs has been developed.

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High intensity LED driver using the L5970D/L5973D

For applications that are powered from low voltage AC sources typically used in landscape lighting or low voltage DC sources that may be used in automotive applications or to meet safety requirements, high efficiency DC-DC converters configured for constant output current provide a high efficiency driver that can operate over a relatively wide range of input voltages to drive series strings of one to several LEDs.

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Low voltage LED driver using L6920D, L4971 and L6902D

STMicroelectronics has developed a non-isolated DC-DC constant current LED driver to aid designers in developing a low cost and efficient platform for driving high brightness LEDs. The application note will cover 3 DC-DC power supplies to drive high intensity LEDs.

  • The L6920D boost converter to drive 1 LED for a flash light application
  • The L4971 buck converter to drive 1 to 9 LEDs
  • The L6902D buck converter to drive 1 to 6 LEDs

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