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High brightness LEDs are rapidly becoming a prominent source of lighting and have better efficiency and reliability when compared to conventional light sources. While LEDs can operate from an energy source as simple as a battery and resistor, most applications require an efficient energy source not only for the reduction of losses, but also for the lumen maintenance of the LED itself. Click on the supplier links below to view some of the driver solutions available from Anglia Lighting, using ICs or modules.


  Analog Devices Analog Devices is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing (DSP) and a wide range of innovative intelligent control and power management solutions for lighting applications.
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  Taiwan Semiconductor Taiwan Semiconductor provide cost competitive and high performance solutions for lighting applications including Drivers, Bridge Diodes, MosFET and Power management ICs. Based on the best quality insistence, TSC products are found in many Ballast & LED projects among global end customers.
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Zetex led driver   Zetex

Zetex has a long association with the lighting industry and is committed to maintaining its position as a principal supplier of electronic drive and control technology to lighting and luminaire manufacturers. Maintaining consistent illumination whilst limiting battery power consumption demands robust and efficient high brightness LED (HB-LED) drivers. Zetex boost LED drivers and buck LED drivers are not only recognized for their high efficiency and cost effectiveness, they're also renowned for their incredible versatility.

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  Diodes Inc.

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a family of LED driver ICs capable of significantly reducing the number and size of external components required by drive circuits.  The AP880X step-down dc-dc converters need the support of just four components and by operating at switching frequencies up to 600kHz, enable the use of smaller and lower cost inductors and capacitors.

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Intersil   Intersil Intersil offers a broad range of LED driver products to support solid state lighting applications, ranging from portable battery powered products to AC line powered applications.
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ST led driver   STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics provide a range of solutions for driving HB LEDs including integrated offline switching regulators like the VIPer12A and VIPer22A in a constant current configuration to provide low cost, high efficient LED drivers for multiple LEDs.
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TCI   TCI TCI designs and manufactures a wide variety of LED driver modules for use in professional light applications. By employing state-of-the-art instruments in their research and development, and the very latest process methods in their production, ensures maximum product quality and reliability over time.
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eldoLED   Herald Herald offer a wide range of economical LED Driver products and convenient mounting solutions for solid state LED lighting products. Their extensive selection of cost effective LED Drivers covers power ratings from 6W to 75W, while their LED Star Boards are mounted with Cree LEDs and available in various colour temperatures.

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