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Zetex LED drivers bring smaller footprint and energy savings to lighting applications
Diodes Inc has announced that it has further extended its Zetex LED driver series with the introduction of three new miniature LED drivers offering improved accuracy and thermal performance.
30 September 2008
Carclo introduces optics for new Cree XLamp XP-E and XP-C LEDs
Carclo Technical Plastics has announced the immediate availability of a wide range of high performance polycarbonate optics to manage the light output from the new Cree XLamp® XP-E and XP-C LEDs.
17 September 2008
STMicroelectronics adds new monolithic step up LED Driver for multiple LED's
The LED7706 is the new monolithic step-up LED driver for backlighting and lighting, able to drive up to 60 LEDs with very high dimming performance.
12 September 2008
Cree XLamp LEDs light up the 2008 Olympic Games
Cree LED technology has been lighting up several key venues in Beijing. Two of the most notable installations are in the “Bird’s Nest” (National Stadium) and the “Water Cube” (National Aquatic Centre).
22 August 2008
Breakthrough lighting-class LEDs from Cree - the new XLamp XP series with the industry's smallest package
Providing the same high-quality lighting performance and proven reliability as Cree's XR LED range, but in an 80-percent smaller package. The XP series measures just 3.45 mm square x 2 mm high and enables new lighting applications.
15 August 2008
Carclo introduces secondary optics for Cree's latest high lumen XLamp MC-E LED
Carclo has released a range of optics in order to support Cree's new multi-chip lighting class MC-E LED, which delivers 4 times the light output from its 7 x 9mm package size.
19 June 2008
Cree's new XLamp MC-E LED provides up to 790 lumens
Cree has announced the newest addition to its industry-leading XLamp® LED family—the XLamp MC-E LED.
18 June 2008
Cree expands XLamp XR-C LED family to include full range of high-performance colours
Cree has expanded its family of XLamp® XR-C high-power LEDs to include Royal Blue, Blue, Green, Amber, Red-Orange and Red. These LEDs are available in production quantities.
16 June 2008
Driver family from Zetex meets demands of next generation LEDs
A family of three flexible LED Drivers from Zetex Semiconductors provides designers with the performance needed by the next generation of high brightness LEDs.
19 February 2008
Anglia launches specialised division for LED lighting
Anglia has announced the launch of Anglia Lighting, a new division dedicated to providing a broad range of products, backed up by highly competent technical support, to manufacturers, contractors and installers of LED lighting systems.
26 October 2007
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