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About Anglia Lighting

LED lamps offer extraordinary advantages over other lighting modes:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Resistance to shocks and vibrations
  • Long life
  • Generation of pure coloured light
  • Low maintenance
  • Small size

LED lighting has become a desirable alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting due to rising energy costs, stricter and more pervasive energy regulations worldwide, and the improvement in the lumens per watt of high brightness LEDs.

The question is; what if you know what you want but would like professional advice and support on solid state lighting to accelerate your time to market.

For many years Anglia Lighting have been dedicated to providing a broad range of products to manufacturers, contractors and installers of LED lighting systems with the emphasis on inventory, technical support and design guidance. Backed up by Anglia’s in-depth stock profile on key product lines from market-leading suppliers, a partnership with us can be a winning combination.

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Why Us?

  • Market-leading, lighting-class LEDs from premium manufacturers
  • LED drivers from major semiconductor suppliers
  • A wide variety of secondary optics and thermal products
  • In-depth stock profile on key product lines
  • The backing of comprehensive technical support
  • Availability of starter kits, evaluation boards and reference platforms
  • Low voltage solutions that include Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost
  • Intelligent lighting management through M2M technology
  • Links to PCB manufacturing partnerships



Accelerating your time to market


Anglia Lighting’s design capability can aid manufacturers throughout the whole of the design process, from selecting the LEDs to matching them with drive circuitry, cooling components and lenses, through to PCB layout and production. Complete working reference designs can also be supplied.


Lighting Applications Covered




How can I integrate LED technology into my lighting applications?

With our initial FREE of charge consultation available to companies located in the UK and Ireland, Anglia can help to identify a technical roadmap and time line that will speed up your new product launch.

Consultation Process that includes


Initial discussion and introductory meeting with our Lighting Business Manager

Review of your current product and initial development objectives

Overview of the component technology available from our world class lighting line card

Rapid component sampling

Introduction to Anglia manufacturing partners, that creates a potential closed loop supply chain for your new application

So, whether it’s providing support or offering a broad range of products we can help you every step of the way.

Call us on 01945 47 36 22 or email and quote WEB10 for your initial FREE Design Consultation and find out how we can support you.


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